Write to Learn Conference

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16 February 2017 - 18 February 2017 | Tan-Tar-A Resort Osage Beach

Osage, USA | Get Directions


Laptops replace home computers, then are in turn replaced by tablets. In the span of a few decades, music has gone from vinyl, to 8-track, to cassette, to CD, to MP3 files-and the technology used to play that music has gone from phonographs, to boom boxes, to Walkmen, to iPods. Hence, This conference will show you how to build a strong foundation for a comprehensive literacy classroom, specifically connecting reading and writing. It is designed for teachers and writers to do hands-on work. Curriculum, assessment, and instruction in the essential components of reading will be highlighted and woven together with writing. Strategies, techniques, and 'teacher teaching' will be presented in a motivating, hands-on, interactive way in each of these areas, demonstrating how you can create strategic readers and writers.

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Tan-Tar-A Resort Osage Beach

Osage | United States Of America

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University of Missouri 344 Hearnes Center Columbia, Missouri 65211

Osage | USA


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