Zen-A Wellness Fair

(This event is over)

05 February 2016 - 07 February 2016 | Porto Antico Di Genova S.p.A

Genova, Italy | Get Directions


The focus of this event, namely the Zen-A Wellness Fair shall be on showcasing the various products of companies and individuals who are involved in the manufacture of health and wellness products. The event shall include or organize a wide variety of workshops, seminar presentation, and open forum questionnaires with the help of it the exhibitors will showcase the various products like spa services, wellness services, health foods, perfume therapy, alternative energy therapy services, organic cosmetics messaging services and more.

Venue Details

Porto Antico Di Genova S.p.A

Genova | Italy

Organizer Details


Course Belgium, 164 Turin 10153 Italy

Turin | Italy


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