Baltiska Hallen

Malmo | Sweden

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Eric Pearson Road

Malmo, Sweden- 217 62

Baltiska Hallen is nested in Malmo, Sweden. This venue is the hall which is one of the most famous venues of the country. It hosts some of the renowned national and international events every year. This hall organizes many sports and entertainment events. Thousands of visitors, organizer and exhibitor gather at the hall to take the advantage of functional and flexible spaces build for them. Baltiska Hallen is one of the most suitable space providers for every event. This hall host of major sporting events in the Championship table tennis , Davis Cup in tennis , handball World Cup , World Cup in handball , the European Championships in wrestling and the European Championships in karate.

Exhibition Center Information:

Location: Baltiska Hallen is a well-known place, which can be reached easily by all types of transports like bus, train and airplane. One can get an account of transport facilities for reaching the venue. Parking space will be allotted to all the participants and visitors at the venue.


    Baltiska Hallen provides ultimate facilities to the participants. The venue provides 24*7 hours electricity facility. The venue provides a facility to divide it as per the requirements of the events. The participants will get some of the renowned hotels in the vicinity of the fairground. The hall also provides parking facility for all participants. There is a good facility available of parking for the people who want to be there to attend an event. There are food stalls and hotels nearby the venue.

    Nearby Tourist Attraction:

    Baltiska Hallen is situated in Malmo, Sweden. Some of the most popular places of the Sweden are Malmöhus Castle, Öresund strait, Malmö Opera, St Peter's church, Malmö synagogue, Scenic Circle Of Scandinavia, The Old Town or Gamla Stan, The Wasa Museum houses, Stockholm, Drottningholm Palace, Liseberg Amusement Park, Uppsala. Apart of these some of the tourist destinations are Gota Canal, Lund, Landskrona, Kiruna and Helsingborg. This city is one of the most popular cities of the country. The city promises to be the best tourist destination for all the participants. In this city the participants will get many sights to see.

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