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Located around 4 miles away from the Findel International Airport in Luxemburg, the Centre Culturel Kulturfabrik Esch stands out as one of the most prominent venues in Europe for being able to accommodate diverse events, whether business or entertainment. The corporate travelers also have the chance to take a look at some of the most interesting places of interest that are located not so far away from the venue. Facilities that the guests can avail of while attending a corporate event at the Centre Culturel Kulturfabrik Esch include meeting rooms with appropriate audio visual capabilities, access to high speed wireless internet connectivity and state of the art presentation and public address systems. A choice can be made from the large concert hall and the small concert hall along with smaller meeting spaces.

Exhibition Center Information:

Location: The Centre Culturel Kulturfabrik Esch can be conveniently accessed from major destinations around the world via a flight to the Findel Airport, which is located around 4 miles away from the venue. The city is also connected to the major cities in Europe by a well developed network of highways.

  • Number of Halls: The cultural center includes the Large and Small Concert Halls, the Rate of Laughter theater space, an art gallery, a cafe restaurant, a movie theater and a Ceramic Factory.


It is an apt combination of location and facilities that has made the Centre Culturel Kulturfabrik Esch a venue of considerable repute among the business fraternity of the region. Spacious meeting spaces that can be flexibly used for hosting a wide range of events and programs, the organizers can make a choice from either the Large Concert Hall or the Small Concert Hall. Both of these venues have been incorporated with the latest technical and electrical installations as well as comfortable seating arrangements to accommodate a large crowd of visitors. In addition to this, the concert halls have also been facilitated with stage areas, which can be of great use during presentations and workshops. There is a state of the art sound desk along with an art gallery, a café restaurant, a movie theater and the unique Rate of Laughter.

Nearby Tourist Attraction:

Set amidst a picturesque location that combines the modern architectural creations with the historic landmarks of Luxemburg in the right portions to give a magical effect, the Centre Culturel Kulturfabrik Esch is surrounded by some of the most well visited destinations in the entire Europe. Few of such sightseeing destinations include the Gothic Revival Cathedral of Notre Dame, University of Luxembourg, the Grand Ducal Palace, the Gelle Fra war memorial, the Neumunster Abbey, the Place d Armes, the Adolphe Bridge and the city hall as well as the Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial. The visitors also have a choice to take walking tour of the neighborhood and get an insight in to the rich cultural heritage of the city.

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