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Place des Nations Unies

Casablanca, Morocco- 22000

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The Hyatt Regency Casablanca is there in Morocco and is counted among the best liked hotels among tourists. The hotel is spread in a very large area. The hotel provides all facilities to its guest which attracts them there towards the hotel. The hotel has two hundred and fifty five rooms & suites which are well equipped with all modern facilities. The hotel has many big halls which are used for organizing conferences and parties. There are banquet halls in the hotels which are used for professional as well as personal parties. The hotel has big gardens which are liked by everyone by adults and children. The hotel has appointed well skilled staff to take care of its guests and good facility of telephone to the visitors of the hotel.

Exhibition Center Information:

Location: The hotel is there in the city named as Casablanca. One who wants to reach the venue need not worry because easy transport facility is there to get to the venue as cars, Taxis, personal vehicles.


    The hotel provides all facilities to the visitors of the hotel. The basic principle of the venue is friendliness atmosphere, warm hospitality and convenience. The hotel has a big parking place for vehicles of the visitors. The hotel has two hundred and fifty five rooms & suites which are facilitated with internet, computers, air conditioners, telephone. The hotel has big halls for holding parties. The hotel has banquet halls for organizing feasts. Well skilled staff is there to help the guests of the hotel. One can plan a perfect event at this exhibition center.

    Nearby Tourist Attraction:

    The City Casablanca is there in Morocco. It has big buildings to look at. It has museums which attract people towards it. The city has many big malls which tourist like to visit for shopping. The city has many theatres which entertain people so tourists to the city go there to entertain themselves. The city has pubs and clubs which attract the lovers of the same. The city has beautiful parks which take people in the lap of nature. The city has historical monuments which attracts people and help them to increase their knowledge about the history of the city.

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