P.Alabin Exhibition Complex

Samara | Russia

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Exhibition halls P. Alabin Museum, street Lenin, 142

Samara, Russia

The exhibition center has experience in organizing events long or short time events periodically. P. Alabin Exhibition Complex has several flexible multi-facet conference rooms and seminar halls that present a perfect atmosphere for corporate meetings, exhibitions, promotions as well as other open house programs. It has highly motivated team of people working for them who leave no stone unturned to meet the needs of customers - exhibitors and visitors. P. Alabin Exhibition Complex is a multi-purpose facility, and has simultaneous events in the building. The venue is designed to meet the latest market needs. The exhibition center provides most convenient and flexible spaces for hosting indoor as well as outdoor events. At the exhibition center the people will get every kind of services to enjoy comfort while visiting the fair.

Exhibition Center Information:

Location: Kurumoch International Airport located 35 km (22 mi) north of the city is an international airport in samara make journey easy for foreigners. Samara also has City transport includes the Samara Metro, trams, municipal and private bus lines, and trolleybuses. Local trains serve the suburbs. And river port is also maintained here.

  • Coverage Area: 112,000 Square Feet


As per the expertise in event organization, members of P. Alabin Exhibition Complex know how to facilitate to all the participants. They follow fundamental principles of their services are friendliness, warm hospitality and convenient in a way that One can plan a perfect event at this exhibition centre.As an add to their high standards of services, the facilities that they provide include high speed internet services, onsite catering, 24*7 power supply, full service professional production and audio visual services (at both the PSCC and the hotel) and public telephone booths. The staff of the exhibition center is very help full; the exhibitors can take help form them anytime during the exhibition process.

Nearby Tourist Attraction:

Samara is one of the largest cities in Russia where P. Alabin Exhibition Complex is located. The vibrant night life of the city is so amazing. The city promises to be the best tourist destination for all the participants. Participants will get so restaurants, churches ancient buildings to visit. These places are easy to reach as the transport is system is very well planned and set up. Volga Waterfront, Ploshchad Slavy and the Monument of Glory, St George Cathedral, Iversky Women's Monastery, Zhigulevsky Brewery, Samara Drama Theatre, and Pokrovsky Cathedral are some major attractive places of the Samara city.

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