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Taizhou | China

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901 Tengda Rd, Luqiao Qu, Taizhou Shi, Zhejiang Sheng, China

Taizhou, China- 318050

Taizhou International Convention & Exhibition Center is a leading trade fair organizer of China. The exhibition hall integrates multiple functions such as exhibitions, conferences, trading, information exchanging, catering and entertainment. The convention & exhibition center provides all the art facilities. It provides with a full range of services, attains domestic top-class standard and has rich experience in trade. The hall deals with various events and provides the exhibitors as well as the visitors with the best kind of a venue. Taizhou International Convention & Exhibition has stepped into the track of internationalization and specialization. It is aiming in exploring business fields in all aspects by the means of strong sense in service excellence.

Exhibition Center Information:

Location: One can easily reach at the venue of the Taizhou International Convention & Exhibition Center is well connected with airport. The participants can travel by bus or taxi from the airport to the venue they can also travel by their private vehicles as the venue provides parking space for all the participants.

  • Coverage Area: 376740


Taizhou International Convention & Exhibition Center provides world class facilities to all the participants. One can plan a perfect event at this exhibition center. The fundamental principles of the services provided are friendliness, warm hospitality and convenience. As an add to their high standards of services, the facilities that they provide include high speed internet services, onsite catering, 24*7 power supply and public telephone booths. The staff of the exhibition center is very help full; the exhibitors can take help form them anytime during the exhibition process.

Nearby Tourist Attraction:

Taizhou International Convention & Exhibition Center is located in Taizhou, China. Taizhou is one of the largest cities of China. It is a very popular destination among Chinese tourists and foreign visitors. Some of the most famous beaches of Taizhou are Tiger beach, Xinghai beach, Jinshitan beach and Fujiazhuang beach. The city promises to be the best tourist destination for all the participants. In this city the participants will get so many sights to visit. It is one of the three Best Tourism Cities. Apart from all these places the participants can also visit the museums, shopping complex, restaurants and so on.

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