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Tehran, Iran

Tehran International Exhibition Centre is one of the most famous venues for various events and exhibitions of the world. This famous exhibition centre was established in 1969 and is located in the heart of Tehran, Iran. This Tehran International Exhibition centre is considered the pioneer expo centers in not only Tehran but also around the world. This Exhibition Center hosts events with special features. Many visitors and exhibitors come and visit this venue from various parts of the country as well as from all around the world. This is perfect place for many participants and business professionals to come under one roof and network as they get an excellent opportunity to meet various people as well as their existing customers.

Exhibition Center Information:

Location: Tehran is well connected to the air services from all cities of the countries as well as many cities of world so one can reach here by easily. Apart from that one can reach here also by bus and train services and their personal vehicle.


    Tehran International Exhibition Centre is one of the most famous and renowned exhibition centers which offer many modern world class facilities to all of its participant and other visitors. This famous exhibition centre provides some unique and different world class facilities for its participant which will be able to attract participant from all over the world. This exhibition centre offers a huge area for exhibition centre where a lot of exhibition will take place during any event. Apart from that Wi-Fi Internet facilities with high speed, 24 hrs power backup and large space for car parking etc. are some great feature of this exhibition centre. There are also several other kind of specialized events take place time to time at this exhibition area.

    Nearby Tourist Attraction:

    One can find here many tourist attraction points in Tehran. There are many tourist attractions which is famous in all over the world. There are many famous parks and museums which is major tourist spot and that can attract participant from all over the world. Apart from the National Jewels Treasury, Tehran Bazaar, Golestan Place, Museum of Ayatollah Khomeni and the likes, some other attractions can also be found here. Tehran is one of the famous cities of Iran and this city offers much other tourist sight which is very famous in all over the world for all the visitors and participants. Many tourists from country as well as from across the world comes here to visit all these places.

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