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Avignon | France

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74 rue Louis Pasteur

Avignon, France- 84029

University of Avignon has the main aim of promoting the study of various subjects and disciplines through different types of services and facilities, research programs, large collection in the libraries, digital services and many more. It also intends to make successful professionals for the future and therefore they have various vocational courses like the teacher training course, besides certain other short courses. Doctoral programmes are also held by the university. The university also invites foreign students to accept the diversity in culture and heritage of different countries. An extremely innovative initiative to present the culture of Avignon with its most prized possession and a site for hosting world class seminars, University of Avignon has lived up the expectation of the research culture of the region.

Exhibition Center Information:

Location: University of Avignon is easily accessible from the Avignon Airport. Therefore it is not difficult for both domestic and foreign travellers to visit the place.

  • Number of Halls: University of Avignon provides a huge space which makes it suitable for a variety of seminars and symposiums to be held there.


University of Avignon is one of the prime organizations of France which plays a vital role in enhancing the pace of researches in different disciplines with various types of facilities like continuing education courses, French language courses, large archives along with digital services, video library, electrical theses, research and computer labs, arrangement of seminars and symposiums and so on, so that the students can be facilitated with proper knowledge and can understand the course of future researches they would want to take up. Foreign researchers, study programmes abroad and international doctoral programmes are three main aspects of the facilities it provides. Various short courses and teacher training courses are also offered in order to train individuals for successful professions.

Nearby Tourist Attraction:

In addition to being one of the most important centres where a wide range of seminars are hosted regularly all throughout the year and facilitating researches in various subjects and training programmes, the University of Avignon also plays its part as a great sightseeing destination for France. There are quite a number of popular places of tourist attraction which display the cultural flavour and heritage of Avignon. Avignon Town Walls, the Papal Palace, Bibliotheque Ceccano, Fort St. Andre are some of the notables among them. Hence, students and attendees of conferences or events find it no difficulty to visit those places whenever they want to, therefore being able to attain a cultural taste of the region.

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